Couchbase for all (new couchdb involved)

I am a bit lost nowadays between the right tool to choose.

I really want to jump in the nosql era.

We are in the late 2013 and bigcouch joined couchdb.
Couchbase is pretty fast.

My thoughts:
1) Couchdb can preferably be used to all sort of data mining, archiving.

It leans to use disk technology.

2) Couchbase can preferably be used to store login credentials, calculations summaries and all sorts of datas that need to be retrieved fast.

It leans to use ram technology.

Replication, cluster and auto-healing work as good in the two products, right now.

I want the simplest stack.
Could i only use couchbase + elastic search to make all the deal ? Isn't it a good solution for data mining too ?
What happens if datas cannot fit in memory ? Say we have 15 teras of datas. We have 4 servers x 128go ram each. How will it be handled on the long run ? Is there a disk access possibility/strategy to rest the ram ?(real hybrid approach : some commands would only rely on disk whereas other on memory).

All the blogs and forums rely on the former version of couchdb (before cloudant's bigcouch made the jump) and so, are totally outdated.

Please, a bit of "light" would help me :)


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With your Request only being 1500/sec you can go with CouchDB + ElasticSearch. I would recommend you use couchbase as your caching layer as a memecached replacement. To speed up ElasticSearch watch this video Good luck with your project.