[cbtranfer] Unable to dump items from all nodes to CSV


We are trying to use cbtransfer to dump all items from one bucket to a CSV file, but it seams the cbtransfer tool (tested with v2.1.1 CE) only dumps items belonging to the couchbase cluster node we specify for source;

/opt/couchbase/bin/cbtransfer http://couch1:8091 csv:/tmp/bucket_name.csv -b bucket_name -u login -p password

This couchbase cluster has 3 nodes
The total number of item for this bucket is ~500K items
The bucket_name.csv only list 194K items
~194K is the number of item we can see for each node thrue the GUI:8091

Is this the desired behaviour ?
How can we dump items from all nodes (in a single action to ensure some consistency) ?
What is the purpose of "--single-node" when using cbtransfer to output CSV ?



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The tool work on a single node so you have to do that on each node.

However I have logged a enhancement request to capture this and allow an full export: