The new release of Couchnode 0.1.0 is Fast!

This may not be the right place for this since it is not really a question but had to find some place to tell the Couchbase team 'Great Job!'.

Just did some simple testing of the new couchnode 1.0 library and it is GREAT! We tested it before and it was slightly slower than the node-memcached library. Now it is more than TWICE the speed!

Kudos to the couchbase team for the great job! We already liked the library but now with all this additional speed (and additional functionality), we will be switching as soon as possible!

Just for information - node-memcached averaged 3.5k ops per second and couchnode averaged 8.5k ops per second. Synchronous operations. Functions tested were get, set, append, incr, and decr.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for this feedback and kudos to the Couchbase Node.js developers!