RAM-only bucket possible?

I have only begun to use Couchbase, and I have a somewhat obscure use case in mind that may not be possible.

I would like to create a Bucket that NEVER writes ANY of its data to disk. Nevermind the WHY, just suffice to say that I need this data (which will be set to expire within a couple hours) that I would like to store in a dedicated bucket to *only* remain in RAM. If this data is written to disk, it will violate a key requirement that I am trying to solve, which comes from external sources.

This data is generally very fleeting/temporary, and will be created and then deleted fairly soon thereafter (minutes usually). The data will probably be mostly binary (zip files possibly).

The question is, can this even be done? I'm running Couchbase 2.1.0 on CentOs in my development setup, and just learning how it all works.



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When Creating a bucket select "Memcached" bucket instead of Couchbase. Then the bucket will not write to disk and be a memory only bucket.