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Asked 2 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 2 months 6 days ago

Repositories for CentOs 7

Hi all,

On 2014-07-07 CentOs 7 was released. Is there a roadmap available when a repository for CentOs 7 will be available?

Kind regards,


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Asked 3 months 1 week ago
Latest activity 3 months 6 days ago

java sdk data write, using c + + sdk to read the data

java sdk (1.4.2)
key : "xxx"
value : png binary byte array (67167 byte)-> base64 encoding byte array (89556 byte)

c++ sdk (2.3.1 ubuntu 64bit)
key : "xxx"
value : 65433 byte

couchbase 2.5.1 (ubuntu 64bit)
3 node cluster


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