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4 months 2 weeks ago

MongoDB + Big Data, Almost There

When it comes to big data, MongoDB is almost there. It's a start, and that's a good thing. Discuss on Hacker News Discuss on Reddit Background I joined Couchbase in December of 2013...
4 months 2 weeks ago

When Big Data is Slow

The key to being successful in big data initiatives is being able to manage the speed, scale and structure at sub-millisecond speed. Big Data is a big term. It encompasses concepts about...
5 months 1 week ago

Modern Big Data > Hadoop

That's right. A modern big data solution requires more than Hadoop. Welcome to the data, it's all big and fast. Welcome to Big Data Central Discuss on Hacker News Discuss on Reddit I'm...
1 year 2 months ago

Denormalize the Data for Great Good

TheLadders Engineering Stories: A few weeks ago, as we were about to launch our iPhone app, we discovered that one of its core features, Scout, frequently took seconds to render.