Couchbase Questions: Java SDK

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Asked 5 hours 57 min ago

IS Leight site to buy fifa 14 coins cheaper ?

Dear fifa fans,Anyone who has played FIFA must know that this game does as much as it can to replicate the real life performance of players in the game. However, in regards to either winning games or selling players for coins, you must understand how in form players are selected by EA sports....

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Asked 20 hours 54 min ago
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com.couchbase.client.vbucket.BucketUpdateResponseHandler exceptionCaught: Connection reset by peer


I have a "connection reset" problem after connecting to couchbase through Java Couchbase client.

Our production configuration :
Tomcat server connecting to couchbase cluster (2 nodes) over firewall. All are hosted in rackspace.

First time it connects fine !!...

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Asked 1 day 5 hours ago
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Update Design Document Java SDK

There are methods to create, get and delete design documents, but there is no update. How can I add new views to an existing design document.

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Asked 6 days 44 min ago
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Bulk Upload using Java API In couchbase server

We have requirement to load 240K data using Java API during server startup. If we use set method then I am facing data loss as async process.Total records it shows 15K only. If I put one milli sec sleep after each insert then it working fine but take huge amount of time. If i use set(key,value)....

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Asked 1 week 12 min ago

Does CouchbaseClient.Query take a snapshot of the data?

Say I have a view with a reduce function that gives count of documents, and I get a ViewResponse by calling client.Query() with includeDocs set to true. Then I iterate the ViewResponse and use the count got from the view. Can I iterate the same ViewResponse object again sometime later to stamp a...

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Asked 1 week 16 hours ago

Query based on a variable

I want to query couchbase on value of particular field. So, We have json documents called User in couchbase, and we want to get all User objects having name like "Smith". The value "Smith" is a variable and injected by the user at run time. How can I send this variable to couchbase Map function...

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Asked 1 week 5 days ago
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Couchbase indexing with Apache Storm


I am planning to use Couchbase with Apache Storm. Since Storm inserts data into Couchbase heavily(i.e. 2~3k updates or inserts per second), view's indexing also keeps updated and restarted endlessly with the default auto-indexing settings. So querying with stale=false is always...

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Asked 2 weeks 3 hours ago
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strange problems with increment


I'm running the following code on couchbase 2.5.1 and java sdk versions 1.3.2 and 1.4.2

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Asked 4 weeks 5 hours ago
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Query about obsPollInterval, maxReconnectDelay and MinReconnectInterval


I am evaluating couchbase for some of my usecases. I am using the couchbase-client-1.4.2.jar.

a) I would like to know the default values for the following properties used by CouchbaseConnectionFactoryBuilder class:

1. obsPollInterval
2. maxReconnectDelay


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Asked 1 month 5 days ago
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Autogenerated key value

Everytime i have to set key value to insert documents. Is there anyway to setup auto generated key in couchbase with Java sdk?