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Asked 3 hours 26 min ago

when i add a node to a cluster, so the total quota RAM is increase ,but the data in RAM is also increase , it is why?

when i have one node in cluster,and the quota RAM is 3.75G, when i save 3G data in the bucket, the RAM/quota usage show 3.1G/3.755G, and i add a node to the cluster,so the all quota RAM is 7.51G,and i think the RAM/quota usage will show me is 3.1G/7.51G, but it is not, the web console show me...

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Asked 7 hours 1 min ago
Latest activity 4 hours 35 min ago

Metadata overhead warning. Over 70% of RAM allocated to bucket

I have 8G size data want to save in a bucket, but the bucket's RAM quota usage is just 7.51G; when i save 3G data in the bucket, the RAM/quota usage show 7.14/7.51, and the ramain data save in the bucket will cause some couchbase error,like:couchbase.exceptions.TemporaryFailError , at the same...

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Asked 16 hours 10 min ago
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Couchbase Enterprise 2.5.1


I have a question that can I use Enterprise Edition 2.5.1 in our production environment. I do not intend to buy support license for now. Will the enterprise build work out of the box or it needs a license key?


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Asked 1 day 8 hours ago
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Way of sorting What?


I would like to sort (ex2014-01-01 ~ 2014-04-21) descending or ascending the Value value from the data of the Document.

Way of sorting What?

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Asked 2 days 1 hour ago
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Requests do not distributed evenly across server nodes

I have a Couchbase cluster consisting of 2 nodes. On the web interface I noticed that requests do not distributed evenly on these nodes; actually one node take the 90% of the traffic / load.

Is it normal? I though that couchbase distributes requests evenly at the first place. If it isn't...

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Asked 4 days 14 hours ago
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Storing Time Based Data

My apologies if this is not the correct community for my question.

I need to store time specific data in my couchbase db. More specifically I have a list of keywords and a crawler that will run every day and return quite a bit of data for the keyword. I need to keep all of the historical...

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Asked 4 days 18 hours ago
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Is couchbase really high availability?

I've a problem with high availability.

Here is my setup:
I have 2 Linux servers ( and, on each is installed: latest couchbase server and keepalived (used for HAProxy, Squid, Dante, VIP:
Client: c# application that puts key-value pairs...

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Asked 4 days 18 hours ago

How to increase number of replicas after a bucket has been created

Using Couchbase 2.0.1, when I try to increase the number of replicas for a bucket, the drop-down list is disabled for some reason. Before upgrading to 2.5.1, I want to increase the number of replicas so I can remove 2 nodes at a time from our cluster for upgrade, not having to do each on...

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Asked 5 days 5 hours ago
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Pre-load the cache

Is it possible to pre-load couchbase's memcache with a pre-defined set of items?


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Asked 5 days 14 hours ago
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Multiple Views on Design Document

I'm using couchbase for proof of concepts and such. I am reading about views and design documents and understand them (I think). So far whenever I wanted to create a new view I created a new document as well. Is there any benefit or drawback for putting multiple views on the same design...