Tool for deleting all records matched by a view?

Every once in a while I get bad data into our couchbase database. Usually, it's just a few records. When it happens, I create a dev view over the entire dataset that matches all affected records and then manually delete them through the UI. It's a bit tedious, but it works. However, I was wondering if someone already built a tool that could be given a view and then would automatically enumerate all matching records and delete them. If none exists, I might just build one and share it, but I'd rather not duplicate effort. Or maybe there is a better way to handle this?

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I ended up creating my own scripts using NodeJS and cradle for the exact same problem. I haven't found a better way to handle this yet.
Below is the minimal code needed. A few things to keep in mind:
* You need to npm install requirejs and cradle
* Cradle is meant for couchdb so you're only talking to a single node not the cluster
* This code is written in coffeescript so you need to compile it first
Sorry I don't have a more complete answer for you but I hope it helps you

requirejs = require "requirejs"
    nodeRequire: require
    baseUrl:     "../lib"
requirejs( [ "cradle" ], ( cradle ) ->
    console.log( "[WARNING] Deleting documents..." )
    # Use with care!
    connection = new( cradle.Connection )( "", 8092 )
    database   = connection.database( "mydb" )
    params =
        stale:              false
        include_docs: true
    database.view( "mydesign/myview", params, ( error, results ) ->
        console.log( "Found #{results.total_rows} document(s)" )
        if error
            console.error( "Failed to retrieve view", error )
            for result in results
                doc = result.doc.meta
                console.log( "Removing doc #{}" )
                database.remove(, doc.rev )
                console.log( "Removed doc #{}" )