Couchnode installation with new embedded libcouchbase

Reviewing the latest release of Couchnode, I noticed an embedded libcouchbase dependency. I also noticed the startup / install instructions haven't been modified since this release.

Can anyone explain what we can now expect on the 3 major systems, Windows, OSX, Linux, regarding clean install of couchnode, and if we will continue to have to install libcouchbase separately? I noticed in a commit ( that npm may now ship with windows binaries, but I'm not sure if this is implying the embedded nature of libcouchbase is really only for windows, or not.



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Hey Christopher,
Sorry for the confusion! If you take a look at the Getting Started page in the Node.js manual (here:, you will notice that it no longer mentions needing to install libcouchbase, as it is now embedded and will use that to build with on all platforms (note that you can still specify --couchbase-root to `npm install` if you wish to use your own copy of libcouchbase). Also, as of 1.1.1, you no longer need build tools at all to install couchnode on Windows. If you do `npm install couchbase` on a Windows system with no build tools, you will notice that you get a node-gyp error, but that the couchbase install stilll completes successfully (and works).
Cheers, Brett

Hey Brett,

Thanks for the response! I'll give it a try this week.

This is a huge improvement, especially for ease of spinning up new servers at AWS when we deploy our production system.