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Asked 1 day 7 hours ago

Updating existing Index on views

I am building an app on Phonegap and I have a view, i.e.:

sites : {
			map : function(doc) 
							if (doc.type == "site" && doc.created_at && && doc.geography
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Asked 1 day 7 hours ago

Is it possible to have different document lifetimes either side of an XDCR link?

I currently have a Couchbase cluster configured and hosting a lot of documents. I'd like to have a second cluster where all the documents would be replicated to but where they would live for a much longer period of time. That is, documents would be not be available after, say, 7 days in the...

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Asked 1 day 12 hours ago

querying a compound key from a view

Ok my keys looks like that

key = [ 1404891029233,"batman" ]
key = [ 1404891029283,"superman" ]
key = [ 1404898029283,"spiderman" ]

i want to do a range query ,
to get all the "superman" records ?

query =>

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Asked 1 day 23 hours ago

Server side implementation of set document operation with Replicate value greater zero

I'm working with Couchbase (Java SDK) more than one year and from the beginning I was very worried about one question: why set documents with Replicate.ONE SO slow? I have reached only ~10-15 sets per second. I worked with two nodes of Couchbase and on very good application servers, so such...

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Asked 2 days 45 min ago

Can I save a document on disk only instead of memory in Couchbase server?


I am new to couchbase, currently my company is using couchbase server to save data for fast retrieval, but we have a document with 500mg that only want to save into disk instead of memory.

Is any one can suggest some approach to save this document only into disk in...

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Asked 2 days 17 hours ago
Latest activity 19 hours 13 min ago

A backup couchbae 1.8 how to restore to couchbae 2.2?

Hello, I have a question,
A backup couchbae 1.8 how to restore to couchbae 2.2?
thanks a lot !!!

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Asked 1 week 5 hours ago

Installing Couchbase and Connect with PHP failed!

Hello all,

my serveradmin installed couchbase on my server. Now i want to connect the bucket default with my php file. This php file should print out all documents with a specific name...

I ever became the failed message:

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Asked 1 week 5 hours ago
Latest activity 6 days 23 hours ago

Dead node, failing exception

I have a local install of Couchbase (v2.5.0 enterprise edition (build-1059)). Everything works fine. However if I try to connect to a remote install (v2.1.1 enterprise edition (build-764)) I get the 'dead node, failing' exception when I call View().

I'm using the .Net client (v1.3.6)....

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Asked 1 week 6 hours ago
Latest activity 6 days 17 hours ago

How can I view what a view's map function emits for a single document?

I would like to be able to look at the output of a view's map function for a specific document to assist in view development/testing/debugging. Seems like simple thing, but I can't figure out how to do it. Is this possible?

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Asked 1 week 6 hours ago

ElasticSearch replication is not working on the specific couchbase node

Hi all

I have 3 couchbase nodes and configures XCDOR with ElasticSearch server. I have 1.2M docs to replicate. Couchbase had successfully replicated until 400K docs (33%), but stopped replicating with errors after that point.

I checked 'dcr_errors.1' log files on all nodes. One...