Couchbase connection errors


In the last 24 hours, despite catching every Couchbase exception listed, I'm getting hundreds of the following errors (as PHP notices):

Failed to establish libcouchbase connection to server: Connection failure
- this is when doing normal gets and view queries in the website
There is no active connection to couchbase
- this is coming from the custom session handler

There are three servers set up when Couchbase() is initialised.

Is there a reason for these errors? Is there a way to handle them?

Is there a correct way to test for an active connection rather that doesn't generate an error like this?

I've tried using if($cb instanceof Couchbase){ // do code }else{ // retry connection } but that still doesn't seem to work.

Some system figures for you:

3 web servers:
- 3.1GHz processor
- 300GB HDD
- Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS

2 CB servers:
- 3.1GHz processor
- Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS

1 CB server:
- 3.1GHz processor
- 500GB HDD
- Debian 6.0.7

Using PHP 5.3.10 with Suhosin-Patch on all web servers with Couchbase plugin 1.1.2 installed.

Is this something that has been come across before? Is there a newer version of the plugin available?

Do you know what the cause of the issue is? How does the plugin detect and handle potentially unavailable servers? Does it retry the other machines? Does it always use the first server in the list or is it random or otherwise?

Any advice greatly appreciated.



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I know how frustrating it can be getting the SDK installed on your machine.

1. Are you running redhat/centos or debian/ubuntu?

2.did you download the or did you do the pear method to install?