Views per Design Doc

Is there any advantage or disadvantage in putting multiple views within a
a single design doc or distributing them in multiple design docs?


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I like seprating the views by use also. Example ... By:

1.Management-reporting(stale=true) not viewed that much within a day so do not to be up to the minute accurate

2.Javascript on keyup action views(stale=update_after) .. Email lookup by Client Service rep. as they type email list of possible clients come up.

3.Authentication(stale=false)... Someone signs up for a service and the next screen is a login screen. a stale=true or update after would upset lots of people trying to log in for the first time.

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It really depends on the way the views are used by your application (how often each views are accessed, with stale data or not...)

I am inviting you to look at this part of the documentation:

Let us know if this is not enough for your project.