how can I set the name of the DB in IOS


I followed your example and when I try to set the name of the DB via NSString (see below) I get an Error 400. When I change it back to static definition @"test" it works!
What am I missing ?

    NSString* localDBName = @"dbName";
    // Initialize Couchbase Lite and find/create my database:
    NSError* error;
    self.database = [[CBLManager sharedInstance] createDatabaseNamed: localDBName  error: &error];


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You're trying to use a name containing uppercase letters. For compatibility reasons, database names only allow lowercase (and digits and a small set of punctuation).

If you look at the NSError you got back, there was a clue in the message: "Invalid database/document/revision ID".


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Hi Sami,

I have asked one of our Mobile Engineers to look into this and provide an answer as soon as possible.