HTTP error 401 Unauthorized getting pools

I am getting the following error when I try and start the cbq-engine against my 2.2 cb server. Is there anything I need to do to pass along a username and password?

ZEN0049p:n1ql john.blayter$ ./cbq-engine -couchbase
08:42:29.125970 FATAL: Unable to run server, err: Unable to access site, err: HTTP error 401 Unauthorized getting "": -- main.main() at main.go:62
ZEN0049p:n1ql john.blayter$

2 Answers

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To add to what Siri said there are actually 2 issues.

1. There is currently no support for querying password protected buckets (see

2. If all your buckets are password protected, access to /pools on the server requires admin credentials (see

If you add at least one non-password protected bucket you should be able to connect the query-engine, and you should be able to query this bucket.

Future releases should address these issues.

NOTE: this developer preview release is not intended to be used on production buckets

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Have you tried:

./cbq-engine -couchbase http://username:password@

- or -

./cbq-engine -couchbase http://bucket_name:bucket_password@

I would imagine that -u and -p options exist as well, but I haven't tested this.