PHP Couchbase Client operation timed out

I've installed Couchbase 2.1.1 Enterprise edition on Server A, PHP Couchbase::Client on servers B and C. Servers B and C are setup identically on RHEL 5.8 and PHP 5.3.3.

I'm facing issue on server C wherein, I'm able to establish Couchbase connection but any subsequent Read and Write throws following error.

Failed to get a value from server: Operation timed out

Failed to store value to server: Operation timed out

Same script works on server B without any issues. Kindly help me resolve the issue I'm facing.

2 Answers

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Hi Sergey,

As per your suggestion, I tried looking at options to change the User as bucket name. I couldn't find any option to create a new User in couchbase-cli. Only option to add a user is available when you Add / Edit Node in a cluster.

I also tried below PHP code by changing username to bucket name, but without any success.

$cb = new Couchbase("XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:8091", "Bucket", "Password", "Bucket", true);

Do let me know, if I'm missing something.


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Hi Akumar.

Are you trying to remotely connect to Server 3 through amazon AWS by any chance? This has shown me the same timeout error you have received previously.

If not, please let me know a little more about your server architecture and I will try to diagnose any problems.

Many thanks,

Robin J.