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1 year 12 months ago

Couchbase Java API Cheat Sheet Revisited

With the release of Couchbase Server 2.0 - Beta, I thought I’d take some time to update the Couchbase JAVA API Cheat Sheet I had posted earlier. Couchbase Server 2.0 has a lot of awesome...
1 year 12 months ago

Strongly Typed Views with the .NET Client Library

The latest bits of the Couchbase .NET Client Library support a few different view querying options. In this post, I'll describe those options in detail. To play along at home, make sure you...
Tags:   .NET SDK Views
2 years 1 day ago

libcouchbase is async, but my app isn't...

In the previous example I showed you how to hook libcouchbase into your own event loop, but not everyone wants to use it asynchronously. The best part of an asynchronous library is that it'...
2 years 3 days ago

How do I use libcouchbase with my own event loop?

Writing asynchronous programs seems to be popular these days, so I thought I should whip up an example that shows you how you may utilize libcouchbase with your own event loop.
2 years 4 days ago

How do I utilize Couchbase from my node.js app?

In yesterdays post I told you that I had created an npm for our Couchbase driver, but I didn't give any examples on how you could utilize it so I figured I should create a short blog post...
Tags:   node.js SDK
2 years 5 days ago

couchnode meets npm

Earlier today I played around with npm to see if I could make your life easier when you're going to use couchnode to access your Couchbase cluster from your node app.
2 years 1 week ago

Using Couchbase as an ASP.NET Session State Provider

As you probably know by now, we are using Couchbase for caching data on our web site. However Couchbase contains support for not just cache data, but also for persistent data that is stored...
2 years 1 week ago

Working with social game entities in Couchbase

What’s in a new social game? Fundamentally, a game is an “experience” built around a series of interactions between the player, the content, and other players. Sure, the concept of the game...
2 years 2 weeks ago

Need a cheat sheet? The Java SDK cheat sheet for Couchbase Server 1.8.1 has arrived !

There are many occasions when I need to quickly refer to the programming APIs when I am trying something new. For my personal use, I created one handy Couchbase Server 1.8.1 Java Cheat...
2 years 3 weeks ago

Want to add a twitter tag cloud to your website? It is easy with Couchbase Server!

I’ve always been curious to learn what folks say about a new technology. Twitter is an excellent hub for this kind of information, but what are the important topics related to a new...