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Asked 1 day 1 hour ago

How to open cbq-engine for N1QL?


We are using Couchbase server 2.5 and couchbase .NET sdk 2.0.
We are working with N1QL on couchbase server through our .NET SDK.
It is working fine but however for N1QL queries from SDK, Cbq-engine must be hosted via command prompt.
(We are using following command...

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Asked 2 days 9 hours ago
Latest activity 2 days 1 hour ago

N1QL + where in collection

Hi there.

I'm very new in N1QL, please assist.

Let's suppose I have documents like this:


  "propertyName1": {
    "value": "value1",
    "last_update": "2014-07-29T14:
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Asked 1 week 1 hour ago
Latest activity 6 days 22 hours ago

N1QL: Index on all elements in an array?

Hi, is there a way to create an index on all a property for all elements in an array in documents?

For example, I can create an index on property 'tpnc' for the first element in my 'variants' array like this:

create index tpnc_index on PriceServiceCopy(variants[0].tpnc)


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Asked 1 week 2 days ago
Latest activity 1 week 1 day ago

querying key with wildcard seems slow

I'd like to do somthing like:
select META().id from mybucket where META().id like "blah%";

This seems to be slow. I created a primary index, which helped, but
it's still pretty slow. They couchbase logs make it seem like the n1ql
client is querying through every doc...

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Asked 4 weeks 1 day ago
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where can I write my questio for couchbase

I used to practice on Couchbase queries on N1Q1 which is already provided with sample data

I mean that usually, I open this folder
and then I run the start_tutorial.bat and start learning

now I have got a Couchbase server and I...

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Asked 1 month 1 week ago
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Is there any way to manipulate the stale flag ?

I was running some tests, inserting a bunch of data and retrieving it right after with a N1QL query, and after I created an index for a field, querying by that field right after inserting the document was not working. I dug a bit and found some information about the stale flag, and thought that...

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Asked 1 month 1 week ago
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couchbase-net-client-2.0-dp3 -> SELECT don't work at all

I took the last couchbase-net-client-2.0-dp3
Inserting and updating of the documents works fine
The interesting part is that I can't select anything using N1QL

I also tried version 1 and version 2 and I have the same problem.
In version 1 -> results.Rows is NULL...

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Asked 1 month 2 weeks ago
Latest activity 1 month 2 weeks ago

N1QL and non-default buckets

Have downloaded and implemented N1QL per instructions. I can query the beer-sample and default buckets successfully with cbq. However, when I try to query a new bucket I have created and loaded, I get the "Bucket xxxx does not exist" error.

What have I done wrong?

cbq> select...

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Asked 1 month 2 weeks ago
Latest activity 1 month 2 weeks ago

How to query with curl ?

I'm running the latest versions of CouchBase and N1QL (as of now Community 2.2.0-837-rel and Developer Preview 3 respectively) and I'm able to do queries using the cbq command, but I'd like to do them with curl.

I tried curl...

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Asked 1 month 3 weeks ago
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N1QL and Python SDK

Is there a plan and timeframe for integrating N1QL within the Python SDK? I'm new to Couchbase and evaluating it as the backend for Celery task results. While it's be extremely easy to setup and use for this purpose, I'm encountering some friction and drag now that we're needing to extract and...