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Asked 2 weeks 3 days ago

Couchbase Database Security

Hello all,
I am carrying out survey to establish security issues with NoSQL DB, specifically Couchbase.
If you know or have worked with Couchbase or any NoSQL DB, you are the right respondent.
Your feedback is highly appreciated.
If you would like to get the results,...

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Asked 2 weeks 3 days ago
Latest activity 2 weeks 3 days ago

How should I interact with couchbase.

Hello, I'm developing a 'system' that is available via web browser and android, I'm using couchbase server to store documents in the web application and couchbase mobile with android. To make the sync of these applications I'm using the couchbase sync, but I have a few questions about it....

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Asked 2 weeks 4 days ago
Latest activity 2 weeks 3 days ago

Use MultiGet or views (if using natural keys)?


I am trying to understand some key design principles for a document db.

1. Assume i have a natural key for users, so upon registration i create a uid


and create the user key:

To create a relationship with another...

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Asked 2 weeks 5 days ago
Latest activity 2 weeks 2 days ago

Create multiple indexes

Today I have multiple views in order to use they ability to filter and sort, for example if I have employee object the I have several views for it:

  • emit(employeeId);
  • emit(employeeAddress)
  • emit(employeeName)
  • This view are used mainly for filtering and sorting...

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    Asked 2 weeks 5 days ago
    Latest activity 2 weeks 4 days ago

    Remove all documents by View selection result

    I have a view and I need remove all documents from bucket which selected via view.
    I can select all ids and remove each document through Remove() method, but this way terribly slow in case a big amount of documents.

    Paras Mendiratta's picture
    Asked 2 weeks 6 days ago

    Couchbase server showing network failure error after every few seconds

    Hi there,

    We are running couchbase community edition on linux box with 3 buckets and no replica. All the 3 buckets are connected to multiple node servers. Everything works fine until we switch on one of our node server which pushes multiple records to couchbase server (using our rest APIs...

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    Asked 2 weeks 6 days ago
    Latest activity 2 weeks 6 days ago

    Using an index for lookups of multiple records

    When I set up an index on source.sig, the query
    select * from default where source.sig = "ytHl-__aF1oA";
    uses the index and runs in milliseconds. However

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    Asked 2 weeks 6 days ago
    Latest activity 2 weeks 16 hours ago

    Repositories for CentOs 7

    Hi all,

    On 2014-07-07 CentOs 7 was released. Is there a roadmap available when a repository for CentOs 7 will be available?

    Kind regards,


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    Asked 3 weeks 13 hours ago
    Latest activity 2 weeks 3 days ago

    Customizing an index, Create index on dev design doc, and Customized sorting

    Few questions in one post I hope I will be clear :)

    • Customizing an index: after creating an index is it healthy to customize it by editing the created view? For example I have created an index using CREATE INDEX then went to the view created in the couchbase and edited it a bit and
    • ...
    tjhack's picture
    Asked 3 weeks 17 hours ago
    Latest activity 2 weeks 6 days ago

    MVCC for concurrent user access and updates to document

    Hi guys,

    I have been having a read of MVCC within Couchbase db.

    I have come to a point where I need to implement but am confused in regards to whether I should be using CAS or not to do the job?

    Basically there could be a few users accessing the documents within couchbase...