php script dies on $couchebase->set, please help

Hi, I'm new to this.

here my issue..

$cb = new Couchbase("", "", "", "default");

object(Couchbase)#1 (1) { ["_handle":"Couchbase":private]=> resource(2) of type (Persistent Couchbase) }

Now if I do

$cb = new Couchbase("", "", "", "default");
$cb->set("a", 101);

This web page is not available..

What do i do wrong ? Installed latest version...
WAMP, php 5.5.7x64, apache 2.4.7 x64

Can you run this script with php-cli? What version of libcouchbase are you using and what version of php extension?

1 Answer

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version 1.1.4dp1
libcouchbase version 2.2.0
json support yes
fastlz support yes
zlib support no
igbinary support no

Directive Local Value Master Value
couchbase.compression_factor 1.3 1.3
couchbase.compression_threshold 2000 2000
couchbase.compressor none none
couchbase.config_cache no value no value
couchbase.durability_default_poll_interval 100000 100000
couchbase.durability_default_timeout 40000000 40000000
couchbase.instance.persistent On On
couchbase.restflush On On
couchbase.serializer php php
couchbase.view_timeout 75 75