Getting TxAsyncConnection to work

Hi all,

I'm currently writing a ms sql to couchbase bulk transfer module. For speed I want to use TxAsync, but somehow it seems I'm missing something :) It never transfers data, but the error callback is always triggered with "Operation timed out". What am I doing wrong?


Code snippet:

class Stuff(object):
def __init__(self):
self.cb = TxAsync(host='kasspp12', bucket='default')
d = self.cb.connect()

def on_connect_success(self, err):
while row:
ar = self.cb.set(key, value)
ar.callback = self.on_set
ar.errback = self.on_error

stuff = Stuff()

At first glance your code looks ok. Can you try the newly released 1.2.1 client version and see if that fixes your issue? it may be a result of a lost connection which isn't being reported for some reason.

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