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Asked 6 hours 29 min ago

Couchbase server showing network failure error after every few seconds

Hi there,

We are running couchbase community edition on linux box with 3 buckets and no replica. All the 3 buckets are connected to multiple node servers. Everything works fine until we switch on one of our node server which pushes multiple records to couchbase server (using our rest APIs...

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Asked 16 hours 53 min ago
Latest activity 14 hours 18 min ago

Using an index for lookups of multiple records

When I set up an index on source.sig, the query
select * from default where source.sig = "ytHl-__aF1oA";
uses the index and runs in milliseconds. However

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Asked 21 hours 32 min ago

Repositories for CentOs 7

Hi all,

On 2014-07-07 CentOs 7 was released. Is there a roadmap available when a repository for CentOs 7 will be available?

Kind regards,


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Asked 1 day 7 hours ago

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Asked 1 day 13 hours ago
Latest activity 20 hours 45 min ago

Customizing an index, Create index on dev design doc, and Customized sorting

Few questions in one post I hope I will be clear :)

  • Customizing an index: after creating an index is it healthy to customize it by editing the created view? For example I have created an index using CREATE INDEX then went to the view created in the couchbase and edited it a bit and
  • ...
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Asked 1 day 17 hours ago
Latest activity 1 day 2 min ago

MVCC for concurrent user access and updates to document

Hi guys,

I have been having a read of MVCC within Couchbase db.

I have come to a point where I need to implement but am confused in regards to whether I should be using CAS or not to do the job?

Basically there could be a few users accessing the documents within couchbase...

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Asked 2 days 2 hours ago
Latest activity 17 hours 25 min ago

Couchbase indexing with Apache Storm


I am planning to use Couchbase with Apache Storm. Since Storm inserts data into Couchbase heavily(i.e. 2~3k updates or inserts per second), view's indexing also keeps updated and restarted endlessly with the default auto-indexing settings. So querying with stale=false is always...

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Asked 2 days 18 hours ago
Latest activity 2 days 14 hours ago

How to write Where condition on arrays using INDEX

While trying the N1QL language, I found a difficulty to request the following:

Let say the document contains, among other attributes, an array of values as in
varArray : [ val1, val2, val3 ]

How can I...

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Asked 2 days 18 hours ago
Latest activity 2 days 14 hours ago

How to partially update a document

Many times, it is very convenient to only update one attribute instead of loading everything into memory and then pushing everything onto the wire, specially when a few changed (let say only 1% had changed).

I did not find any element, except an issue opened from 2012/06 (...

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Asked 2 days 20 hours ago

Updating existing Index on views

I am building an app on Phonegap and I have a view, i.e.:

sites : {
			map : function(doc) 
							if (doc.type == "site" && doc.created_at && && doc.geography