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Asked 3 hours 58 min ago

Anyone know of a persistent connection issue with 2.5.1?

Anyone know of a persistent connection issue with 2.5.1? At startup with no apps connected to it couchbase shows over 9k connections. netstat shows they're all internal connections with TIME_WAIT status. After multiple physical server reboots, same result.


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Asked 11 hours 46 min ago

Very strange behavior of using couchbase cluster credential to call couchbase REST API

I have an installation of community server version 2.2.0-build 837 on an AWS machine. Everything works fine until last week AWS patch the Linux VM (CentOS 6.5 64 bits) and restart the machine. After that, this strange thing happened:
I can login use my admin username/password into the...

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Asked 1 day 4 hours ago
Latest activity 20 hours 29 min ago

N1QL + where in collection

Hi there.

I'm very new in N1QL, please assist.

Let's suppose I have documents like this:


  "propertyName1": {
    "value": "value1",
    "last_update": "2014-07-29T14:
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Asked 1 day 19 hours ago
Latest activity 23 hours 35 min ago

Views performance questions

Hi there,

I have a couple of unrelated views performance questions:

1) Is there a performance penalty to define a view with many equal keys? For example, this map function:

function (doc, meta) {
if(meta.expiration != 0)
emit(1, null);

2) Is...

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Asked 2 days 19 min ago
Latest activity 23 hours 14 min ago

Inadvertend DATA LOSS due to a bug in the documentation

When using the ttl parameter and setting it according to the documentation (the number of seconds for the expiration), it is possible to inadvertendly delete documents by setting wrong ttl values.

For example, if your expiration time is 5 years, you will dutifully multiply 60*60*24*365...

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Asked 2 days 7 hours ago

Can N1QL work with the new Couchbase 3 bata

I am been trying to run some test using Couchbase server 3 and N1QL however i am getting this message
"error": {
"caller": "view_index:200",
"code": 5000,
"key": "Internal Error",
"message": "Bucket xxxxxx not found."

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Asked 2 days 7 hours ago
Latest activity 2 days 5 hours ago

How to download couchbase-server-enterprise_2.5.1_x86_64.rpm


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Asked 2 days 18 hours ago
Latest activity 23 hours 7 min ago

Copy Couchbase data to Elastic Search Server


I wish to copy the couch base data to local Elastic Search Server.
Please suggest


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Asked 2 days 18 hours ago

Copy Data


I wish to copy the data from IT Environment to my local environment.

Please comment.


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Asked 3 days 8 hours ago

rebalance web request failed

i have six nodes to create a cluster, i use web console to rebalance the cluster, and it show me web request failed error ; the log content is :

Server error during processing: ["web request failed",