Couchbase Products

The Complete NoSQL Solution

Couchbase Products collectively represent a comprehensive NoSQL solution that includes a leading NoSQL database backend, scalable Sync Gateway tier, and on-device NoSQL databases for iOS and Android. That means JSON anywhere. JSON on the device, on the wire and in the cloud.

This enables you to develop and deploy collaborative, rich, interactive web and mobile apps. In addition, with this complete solution you can build apps that seamlessly sync data from mobile devices to the cloud.

Couchbase Products

Couchbase Server — Deployment Options

Couchbase Server, the company’s industry-leading NoSQL database, now has multiple back-end deployment options to support existing customers, mobile development businesses and individual mobile developers with the following mobile application environments.

Private Cloud

Couchbase Server deployed within the enterprise.


Couchbase Server is available through the Amazon Marketplace and can be easily hosted on Amazon.