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1 year 1 month ago

Trying on Go + Couchbase

This is an experiment in go-couchbasing by using the go driver go-couchbase… Nothing particularly interesting.
2 years 6 days ago

libcouchbase is async, but my app isn't...

In the previous example I showed you how to hook libcouchbase into your own event loop, but not everyone wants to use it asynchronously. The best part of an asynchronous library is that it'...
2 years 1 week ago

How do I use libcouchbase with my own event loop?

Writing asynchronous programs seems to be popular these days, so I thought I should whip up an example that shows you how you may utilize libcouchbase with your own event loop.
2 years 1 week ago

couchnode meets npm

Earlier today I played around with npm to see if I could make your life easier when you're going to use couchnode to access your Couchbase cluster from your node app.