The database of choice for social and mobile games

Couchbase Server is proven in many of the most popular social and mobile games. With consistent high performance, easy scalability, and “always-on” capabilities, Couchbase helps you ensure optimal player experience and retention, even when a game goes viral. It’s got a flexible data model that lets you easily add new game features without taking your game offline.


Ready for viral growth

Couchbase easily scales to support rapid user growth without interruption to game play. It’s easy to scale your database layer with Couchbase Server, both within a cluster and across clusters in multiple data centers. With one click of a button and zero changes to your application, you can grow your cluster from 1 to 25 to 100 servers.

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Has scaled to 50 Million users in 50 days with Couchbase

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Awesome player experience

Couchbase Server’s consistent sub-millisecond response times ensures players are never left waiting to make their next move, increasing player retention. Its high throughput means keeping millions of players happy at the same time.

Zero interuption to game play

With Couchbase Server, your game (and game data) is always online, 24x365, maximizing your game revenues.  When upgrading your database, system software or hardware – or recovering from a disaster – you can count on zero downtime with Couchbase Server.

As a leader in social and mobile casino games, Playtika’s success is tied to the reliability, scalability and consistent performance of the infrastructure powering Slotomania and our other gaming properties. Couchbase NoSQL database technology more than meets our requirements, enabling us to provide an excellent experience for millions of daily users, and retain and grow our active user base.

Ira Holtzer, CTO, Playtika

Rapid game development
and easy app updates

Developers can quickly create and enhance games, using Couchbase Server’s flexible JSON-based data model. No need to worry about complex schema changes every time you add a new feature.

Cost efficient

Couchbase Server’s capabilities include high throughput on commodity servers (like AWS EC2 servers) and horizontal scaling. This means fewer servers and manpower are required  than many other solutions, including MySQL which scales vertically and requires the purchase of larger, costly servers as your game grows.

Choosing the Right Database for Your Social Game

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Using Couchbase to Power Your Social or Mobile Game

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