Using NoSQL to Replace a Caching Tier (User Panel)

CouchConf San Francisco 2012

As the industry builds out the next generation of applications on contemporary databases like Couchbase, we also need to extend the life of and incrementally improve the response times and capabilities of existing applications. A quick, simple approach is integration of a simple caching layer. After getting the high-octante fuel from caching to keep going, the turbocharger can later be bolted on in the form of more Couchbase features such as persistence and replication of data moved out of the traditional store. In this caching panel, you'll hear about caching and further use of Couchbase from current users.

Presented by: Dmitri Mikhailov, TheLadders; Jason Sirota, XO Group, Kumaresh Ananthumohanram, Thomson Reuters


(running time: 35:08 minutes)