Developing with Couchbase: Document Your World

Couchbase Tokyo 2014

In this session, we will begin by covering Views & Indexes within Couchbase: Why Views are used and The basic use cases for Views, Cover the anatomy of Map/Reduce functions, Simple and Compound Keys using beer-sample database and cover the differences between an Indexer (Design Document) and an Index (View) in terms of resources and updates. We will also begin to write Map Functions for our views, and interact with our views through our relative SDKs. You will learn more about how to model your data, using documents, the benefits of a flexible schema database. We will also discuss about the life cycle of an application, so how to manage upgrade and versioning of your application, documents and views. Using concrete example you will also get more information about document indexing with views. This covers the life cycle of the index, and the eventual consistency of the index, but also how to generate and use complex keys to build richer applications.