The Couchbase Partner Program is the foundation of the relationship between you and Couchbase. The program is designed to grow Couchbase partnership network that provides a diverse ecosystem of database solutions that meet our joint customers' needs. Learn more about the Couchbase Partner Program.

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Couchbase is committed to working with its partners to deliver superior business solutions to end user customers. Whether the partner organization is a technology, reseller, SI or OEM partners, you will find our program and benefits to help you succeed as a Couchbase partner.

We have several partnership categories, including:

  • Software
  • Cloud
  • Hardware
  • Services
  • Mobile

We have program benefits tailored to every category, which are intended to encourage a collaborative and generous relationship. Just a few of our benefits include: joining us at both our live and online technical conference events, joint sales engagements and marketing campaigns, access to training, and more.

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“Web applications are driving an explosion in the amount, and the complexity, of data available to businesses. The best companies will capture and exploit that data better than their competitors. That requires new tools and new data management technology. Couchbase Server provides fast, interactive access to web application data distributed across commodity servers. Cloudera provides scalable, powerful distributed data storage and processing for batch processing. The combination of interactive data delivery and back‐end analytics is exciting.”

– Mike Olsen, CEO

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“We view search as the simplest way to explore data. We are thrilled to enable Couchbase users to easily hook data from Couchbase to Elasticsearch, and expose the power of unstructured and structured search and analytics capabilities.”

– Steven Schuurman, CEO of Elasticsearch

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Vormetric is the industry leader in data security solutions that span physical, virtual and cloud environments. Data is the new currency and Vormetric helps over 1400 customers, including 17 of the Fortune 30 and many of the world’s most security conscious government organizations, to meet compliance requirements and protect what matters — their sensitive data — from both internal and external threats. The company’s scalable Vormetric Data Security Platform protects any file, any database and any application’s data —anywhere it resides — with a high performance, market-leading data security platform that incorporates application transparent encryption, privileged user access controls, automation and security intelligence.

With Vormetric’s single platform for data security, organizations can maintain compliance and safely use sensitive data within the Couchbase platform, protecting data stores at the file system level, as well as within the data store at the field or column level.

Tribe is a unified communications platform & suite of micro services that allows you to easily create webRTC based solutions and control them within your infrastructure. Your Tribe application will work seamlessly in any environment and on any infrastructure without the headaches of dependencies, conflicts and inconsistent environments. Our docker containers spin up fast and are easy to modify, update and scale without bothering neighboring containers. It’s real-time Community, Content, and Communications at your fingertips.

Centrify is the leader in securing enterprise identities against cyberthreats that target today’s hybrid IT environment of cloud, mobile and on-premises.  The Centrify Identity Platform protects against the leading point of attack used in data breaches ― compromised credentials — by securing an enterprise’s internal and external users as well as its privileged accounts.  Centrify delivers stronger security, continuous compliance and enhanced user productivity through single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, mobile and Mac management, privileged access security and session monitoring.  Centrify is trusted by over 5000 customers, including more than half of the Fortune 50.

Datagres PerfAccel for Couchbase is an I/O analytics and visibility solution.  It profiles every Couchbase I/O to solve for most complex operational and performance challenges. Deeper understanding of Couchbase I/O helps DevOps and DBAs to better design, deploy, and scale their infrastructure to achieve lowest latency and highest throughput. It helps reduce cost by 50% – 80% with on premise infrastructure or in-cloud deployments (Amazon, Azure, Google).

Datagres provides software that helps companies visualize, control and accelerate their application performance using deep file-level storage intelligence. PerfAccel is a dynamic and intelligent grid scale management and acceleration solution for active data. Through powerful analytics and reporting tools, PerfAccel executes smart, server side data processing for storage I/O offload and application acceleration. With PerfAccel, organizations can accelerate applications, scale, and manage IOPS across entire grids through a single pane of glass and get the most from their existing storage infrastructure.

“As the adoption of NoSQL databases skyrockets as a viable alternative to traditional databases, Talend is leading the charge to integrate these next-generation technologies with the rest of the information system. Couchbase Server is one of the most widely-deployed NoSQL databases, and Talend is happy to be working with Couchbase to provide native support in Talend’s big data solutions, providing out of the box support to facilitate the deployment of NoSQL.”

– Fabrice Bonan, Talend Co-Founder and CTO

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Metanautix empowers organizations to make rapid business decisions and build better products using all their data assets. The Metanautix Quest™ data compute engine lets users easily access and combine any data as a table, regardless of format, including records,logs, documents, audio, images and video. Built with next generation distributed computing technology, Quest provides fast answers from data of any size and location, whether it is on-premises, in the cloud or both. Quest enables end-to-end analysis, including extract, transform and load (ETL), ad hoc analysis and discovery and in-memory serving, resulting in a simplified and transparent data supply chain.

HP Vertica Analytics Platform: No Limits, No Compromises Conceived by legendary database guru Michael Stonebraker, the HP Vertica Analytics Platform was purpose built from the first line of code for Big Data Analytics. Why? Because it was clear that data warehouses and “business-as-usual” practices were limiting technologies, causing businesses to make painful compromises.

The HP Vertica Analytics Platform was consciously designed with speed, scalability, simplicity, and openness at its core and architected to handle analytical workloads via a distributed compressed columnar architecture. HP Vertica provides blazing-fast speed (queries run 50-1,000x faster), petabyte-scale (store 10-30x more data per server), and openness and simplicity (use any BI/ETL tools, Hadoop, etc.) — all at 30% of the cost of traditional data warehouse solutions.

Amazon Web Services provides a complete set of Cloud Computing services that enable you to build sophisticated, scalable applications. Today, hundreds of thousands of customers of all sizes take advantage of these Cloud Computing services in a diverse set of industries, including healthcare, media, financial services, insurance, real estate, retail, education and the public sector.

Whether you are a large global company or small start-up, you may have potential customers around the world. With traditional infrastructure, it’s hard to deliver great performance to a broadly distributed user base and most companies focus on one geographic region at a time to save costs and time. With Cloud Computing, the game changes - you can easily deploy your application in any or all of the ten AWS regions around the world. This means you can provide a lower latency and better experience for your customers at minimal cost.

“Microsoft is excited to have Couchbase participate in the Windows Azure Technology Adoption Program. With Couchbase Server, which can be configured to behave like memcached or a Couchbase data store, our customers will be able to create highly elastic data infrastructure, a natural fit for the scaling in the cloud. Couchbase Server and Windows Azure will further enable our customers to focus on solving business problems and addressing their needs at web-scale.”

– Robert Duffner, Director of Product Management

Cloudsoft's Application Management Platform (AMP) allows Couchbase users to model, monitor and automatically manage their distributed applications, including their NoSQL database.

AMP enables the migration of existing applications to the cloud, accelerates the development of cloud first applications and delivers policy-based application elasticity, scalability and portability

AMP is the only autonomic, open source, multi-cloud application management solution.

Founded by Sun Microsystems and Goldman Sachs alumni, CumuLogic has built an on-premises Database-as-a-Service software platform empowering developers and DBAs with self-service database access, while providing the reliability and scale required in production environments. With an Amazon-like approach to delivering data services inside the enterprise firewall, CumuLogic’s solution eliminates up to 75% of operational costs associated with managing database-centric applications, enabling IT Ops to retain control of the underlying infrastructure for governance and security. The CumuLogic DBaaS platform has been adopted by Fortune 500 enterprises, as well as telcos and Cloud Providers.

ElasticBox is a DevOps platform that streamlines the development, deployment, and management of multi tier applications across any cloud. Developers and IT operations can collaborate to create a catalog of applications and infrastructure components that can be consumed as a service. Once defined, applications can be seamlessly deployed and managed in any cloud environment.

“The combination of RightScale’s automated cloud management with Couchbase Server’s high throughput, low-latency database creates an ideal solution for web applications with variable, extremely high scaling needs, such as social games. We are pleased to be able to extend our customers’ data management options with Couchbase’s cloud-friendly and cost-effective NoSQL database.”

– Josh Fraser, Vice President of Business Development

  Learn more about the Couchbase ServerTemplate on the RightScale Cloud Management Platform

“In today’s cloud era, organizations need a better approach to accelerate application deployment across cloud environments. With our partner ecosystem, we want our customers to have a wide selection of ready-to-deploy industry leading application infrastructure products and applications from VMware Cloud® Application Management Marketplace. With Couchbase integration, our customers now have access to an easily scalable, highly reliable NoSQL database that drastically simplifies deployment in hybrid clouds by expanding and contracting scaling and infrastructure requirements without any manual management or downtime.”

– Ramin Sayar, VP and GM, Virtualization and Cloud Management

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HP Cloud Services is providing public cloud infrastructure services for organizations of all sizes. Designed with OpenStack™ technology at the core, HP’s open, transparent architecture ensures no vendor lock-in, improves developer productivity, features easy-to-use tools for faster time to code, provides access to a rich partner ecosystem, and is backed by exceptional customer support. HP’s initial offering includes on-demand compute instances or virtual machines, scalable online storage capacity and accelerated delivery of cached content to end users. HP’s full suite of public cloud services will enable the next generation of web services to be built, run and scale on a global basis backed with a broad marketplace of analytics, tools and services. HP’s cloud supports customers with a differentiated hybrid delivery model, providing interoperability and portability across public, private and managed clouds. For additional information visit

“Red Hat is pleased to welcome Couchbase to our OpenShift ecosystem. With the addition of Couchbase technology to OpenShift, we’re able to offer added choice for OpenShift users from day one.”

– Sarangan Rangachari, Director, Cloud Ecosystem

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“Eucalyptus is infrastructure software that enables organizations to deploy scalable private and hybrid cloud computing environments within a secure IT infrastructure. Couchbase NoSQL database technology complements Eucalyptus by enabling organizations to deploy a highly available, cloud-friendly data layer that scales dynamically to support elastic cloud environments, expanding and rebalancing dynamically as application needs change.”

– Dr. Rich Wolski, Co-Founder and CTO

"Today’s interactive applications are accessed 24x365 by millions of web and mobile users, and the volume and velocity of data they generate is growing at an unprecedented rate. Traditional technologies are hard pressed to keep up with the scalability and performance demands of these new applications. Couchbase NoSQL database technology combined with HP's Moonshot System is a powerful offering for customers who want to easily develop interactive web and mobile applications and run them reliably at scale."

– Bob Wiederhold, CEO Couchbase

  Learn more about Couchbase and HP Moonshot

“Fusion-io’s  ioMemory paired with Couchbase Server forms a high-capacity, high-performance, extremely scalable solution for web-scale operations. Couchbase Server, a NoSQL database with memcached built right in, gives customers a single solution with the flexibility to support both data caching and data store use cases, and is made even more powerful in combination with Fusion-io solid state storage technology.”

– Tyler Smith, Vice President of Business Development

ElasticBox is a DevOps platform that streamlines the development, deployment, and management of multi tier applications across any cloud. Developers and IT operations can collaborate to create a catalog of applications and infrastructure components that can be consumed as a service. Once defined, applications can be seamlessly deployed and managed in any cloud environment.

“As time has passed it has been a pleasure getting to know the great people behind Couchbase and their powerful technology. When I work with CIOs and CTOs figuring out how to scale their existing infrastructure Couchbase is often an appealing right fit. I am excited about this partnership and working even more closely with our friends at Couchbase.” 

– Andrew C. Oliver, President of Open Software Integrators

  Learn more about Couchbase and Open Software Integrators

“As we work with companies of all sizes exploring options for scaling their database environments, we have been impressed by the performance and reliability of Couchbase Server. We are very pleased to be partnering with Couchbase to bring this solution to our own customers, and to assist companies considering Couchbase with the implementation and support they need.”

– Laine Campbell, Founder and Principal

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"PhoneGap is a project that relies on a massive community of hundreds of thousands of developers. PhoneGap allows users to easily create apps using the web technologies developers know and love—HTML, CSS and JavaScript. We see JSON and sync as core components to the future of mobile data, and the Couchbase Lite plugin for PhoneGap will allow our developers to deliver next generation applications where data sync is becoming the norm."

- Brian LeRoux, Principal Product Manager

"Sencha equips our community of over 2 million developers with frameworks, tools, and services to help them build rich, cross-platform web and hybrid application experiences using HTML5 and JavaScript.

We believe Couchbase Lite will provide this broad base of Sencha developers a straightforward integration path for JSON data synchronization through a NoSQL option.”

-Abraham Elias, Chief Technical Officer, Sencha

"We have tons of customers who say 'data sync, data sync, data sync—this is our number one problem in mobile'. We see the integration between Couchbase and Xamarin providing a critical component that enterprises need today for next-generation applications that require easy-sync."

- Nat Friedman, CEO

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