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Always-Responsive Apps

Couchbase Mobile enables mobile app developers to easily create a new breed of always-available apps that are still fast and responsive even when the network is unavailable or slow.  By using Couchbase Lite embedded JSON database and Sync Gateway to sync data to and from the cloud (Couchbase Server), developers can quickly create content-rich offline apps that drive user engagement and productivity. 

Whatever your app is, it can benefit from being always available.  We’re working with folks in enterprise, social, gaming, medical, e-commerce and more. Check out what some folks are saying.

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Couchbase Lite

The first and only native NoSQL JSON database for mobile.

  • A lightweight full-featured embedded JSON document store designed from the ground up for mobile apps
  • Supports iOS, Android, and REST SDKs that include full document read/write access, index and querying
  • Is sync-ready with Couchbase Sync Gateway and has Sync and conflict resolution built in
  • Off-the-grid peer-to-peer replication support via REST APIs
  • Built-in authentication support (Facebook and Mozilla Persona) or use your own
Native and REST API Support

Couchbase Lite is supported on multiple mobile platforms with native Android, iOS, and Java SDKs, as well as REST API support. 

For developer resources, go to our Developer Portal.

Cross Platform Tools Support

We’ve partnered with companies such as Xamarin and Adobe PhoneGap to make available plug-ins to industry-leading cross-platform development tools, so that mobile developers can quickly develop apps for multiple mobile platforms using a common code base.


Couchbase Sync Gateway

Couchbase Sync Gateway is our easy-to-use scalable sync solution that can be served on-premise or in the cloud. It is a sync server that handles user authentication / authorization, access control, data routing, update validation, and multi-master replication between Couchbase Server and mobile client devices

  • Effortlessly syncs local app data to a remote Couchbase Server database for updates, replication, or collaborative sharing
  • Configure your cloud in one page of programmable sync code
  • Easily authenticate users and determine mobile device access to selected documents and channels distribution

For developer resources, go to our Developer Portal.

Deployment Options:

What Others Are Saying

“The ability to have offline apps in mobile, so you can deal with more intelligent syncing between the apps, and the ability to move off network or get into a place with very bad connectivity and still use that application and have that data uploaded back to the cloud once you’re ready to do so is really important and necessary.”

Drew Garner, Sr.
Director of R & D, Concur

"We’re also looking at migrating our app to use the Couchbase Lite mobile product.  And, that will solve a lot of the problems that we have, where theme parks that we operate in have very poor network connectivity.  No one can get 3G or 4G at a park. So, to be able to operate in offline mode as Couchbase Lite can do is a huge benefit to us and our users." 

Dave Starling
Chief Architect, Picsolve

Customer Use Case Example

“We welcome Couchbase Lite as a smart solution to address the needs of mobile developers building applications that rely on data synchronization and intermittent connectivity,” said Jon Udell, Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc.  “We have been using Couchbase Lite in Thali, an experiment to determine through open source prototypes what it takes to make the web truly peer-to-peer. Thali uses Couchbase Lite as a key component of its data replication platform.”


“Xamarin's mission is to make it fast, easy and fun to build great mobile apps,” said Miguel de Icaza, co-founder and CTO, Xamarin.  “Trying to write code to manage remote data synchronization is not fun.  Couchbase Mobile products, and specifically Couchbase Lite for .NET, give our developer community a platform to write more robust, responsive and available applications in a fraction of the time it used to take.  We are thrilled to be providing the beta version of Couchbase Lite for .NET to our developer community.”

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