Couchbase Customers

Companies around the world rely on Couchbase.

Couchbase customers represent a variety of industries, use cases, and geos worldwide – but they have one thing in common. They need easy scalability, consistent high performance, and 24x365 capabilities for their interactive applications. And they chose Couchbase technology to ensure the application responsiveness and zero downtime that will keep their users happy.

  • “The ability of Couchbase’s solution to quickly, easily and automatically scale out data to more servers offers huge potential to those who have to address the realities of variable Internet traffic loads. You have to have an effective scaling strategy and Couchbase can help make that easier.” – Bryan Call, Vice President of Engineering, Burstabit Technologies

  • “When Come2Play learned about Couchbase Server, we realized it offered many advantages over basic Memcached, including a much simpler configuration for our social gaming application environment. Currently, we use the memcached buckets in Couchbase Server – which eases pressure on our MySQL instance and delivers dramatic performance improvements. The next step is to introduce couchbasebase buckets for persistence so we can reduce the load on our relational database even more.” - Tom Rosenfeld, Team Lead

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  • “Deploying Couchbase solutions gives us greater scalability and blazing performance (sub-millisecond response times). We now have the ability to simply and fluidly increase capacity, enabling us to seamlessly respond to the needs of the application.” – Drew Garner, Director of Architecture Services, Concur

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  • “Next-generation mobile applications and associated cloud-based services need the performance, scalability, and schemaless flexibility of NoSQL databases. Couchbase stands out among NoSQL players as the best NoSQL database technology, and the only solution that extends from the datacenter to mobile devices. Couchbase’s unique mobile-to-cloud data synchronization is particularly impressive. As a strategic business partner, Couchbase has earned its place in DOCOMO Innovations’ ecosystem of trusted suppliers for mobile service solutions.” – Dr. Minoru Etoh, Managing Director of Service & Solution Development Department, NTT DOCOMO, Inc.