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  • 九月 13, 2013
    PCWorld Couchbase open source data store goes mobile

    Companies such as McGraw-Hill, Orbitz, LinkedIn and the Amadeus travel booking service all have used Couchbase. Currently, there are about 2.3 million mobile application developers worldwide—about 12.6 percent of all developers—and by 2016, that number will double to almost 5 million mobile app developers, predicted analyst firm Vision Mobile.

  • 九月 13, 2013
    Computerworld Couchbase open source data store goes mobile

    Couchbase is a key/value document store that sends and receives data through the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), a protocol for exchanging information between two systems that is fairly easy for developers to understand and work with. JSON is particularly useful for applications that periodically send and receive a lot of data, according to the company.

  • 九月 13, 2013
    Yahoo! Finance Couchbase Announces Availability of Couchbase Server 2.2 NoSQL Document Database

    Couchbase Server 2.2 includes significant improvements across several areas critical to enterprise customers. Customers adopting NoSQL specifically look for seamless cross cluster support and by using Couchbase can setup cross cluster replication with just a few clicks. Cross Data Center Replication (XDCR) is a key differentiator for Couchbase, with large enterprises choosing Couchbase as the NoSQL database of choice for their most demanding web and mobile applications.

  • 九月 13, 2013
    TechWeek Europe Couchbase Launches First Ever Native NoSQL Database For Mobile Devices

    Data stored in Couchbase Lite on the device is seamlessly synchronised with the Couchbase Server in the cloud through the Sync Gateway. The company says the new Gateway component is easy to set up and manage, and offers high scalability and powerful conflict resolution features.

  • 九月 13, 2013
    Yahoo! Finance Couchbase Announces 'JSON Anywhere' Mobile Partner Program

    As part of the program, Couchbase has integrated Couchbase Lite into industry leading mobile development platforms. This includes Appcelerator Titanium, Adobe PhoneGap, Apache Cordova, Xamarin, and Sencha.

  • 九月 13, 2013
    InfoWorld Couchbase open source data store goes mobile

    Couchbase is launching a version of its namesake NoSQL open source data store that can run on mobile devices, called Couchbase Lite. It is also releasing companion products, Couchbase Sync Gateway, which synchronizes data between a mobile device and a cloud service, and Couchbase Cloud, an online sandbox for developers to try Couchbase Lite.

  • 九月 13, 2013
    Tech Investor News Couchbase rolls out native NoSQL databases for iOS, Android

    Couchbase is officially opening up two new technologies to mobile developers as part of a public beta program. Couchbase Lite is a lightweight database designed specifically for iOS and Android devices, while Cloud Sync Gateway syncs local data with a bigger database in the cloud.

  • 九月 13, 2013
    Gadget Rumours Couchbase Launches 'JSON Anywhere' Mobile Strategy

    Data stored in Couchbase Lite on a mobile device is seamlessly synchronized with the Couchbase Server in the cloud, enabling the simple development of a new class of occasionally connected, data intensive mobile applications.

  • 九月 13, 2013
    Virtualization Journal Couchbase Announces 'JSON Anywhere' Mobile Partner Program

    "The NoSQL market is starting to enter its hyper-growth stage with an increasing shift from relational to NoSQL," said Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold, "The first wave has been at the server level, either in the data center or in the cloud. The next wave is clearly mobile, where Couchbase is leading the charge in the shift away from relational. In adopting the technology, we believe that there is the potential to have Couchbase Lite on a billion devices."

  • 九月 13, 2013 Couchbase Open Source Data Store Goes Mobile

    (Couchbase) is also releasing companion products, Couchbase Sync Gateway, which synchronizes data between a mobile device and a cloud service, and Couchbase Cloud, an online sandbox for developers to try Couchbase Lite. Developers could use Couchbase Lite to store data for their mobile applications, and use Couchbase Sync Gateway to synchronize the data with back-end supporting services, the company suggests.

  • 九月 13, 2013
    InfoTech Couchbase Launches 'JSON Anywhere' Mobile Strategy; Becomes First Vendor to Offer a Native NoSQL Database for Mobile Devices Together with Easy Sync

    The Couchbase JSON Anywhere strategy is targeted at mobile application developers that want to create highly responsive, data-centric applications that are always-available regardless of network connectivity. JSON Anywhere means: JSON on the device, JSON on the wire, and JSON in the cloud.

  • 九月 13, 2013
    Telco 2.0 Monitoring the cloud at Twitter-scale; consumer radio planning exists!

    Couchbase, the popular document-oriented NoSQL database, is offering a new version of its software for use as a local data store on mobile devices. They suggest that, for example, a medical system could keep much more data locally and keep it organised, being able to function without continuous connectivity. At the same time, they’re also offering Couchbase as a cloud service, living in Amazon EC2.

  • 九月 12, 2013
    DZone Couchbase Launches 3 New Products

    As a part of their "JSON Anywhere" strategy for always-available mobile apps, Couchbase launched three new products today: Couchbase Lite, Couchbase Sync Gateway, and Couchbase Cloud.

  • 八月 30, 2013
    CMSWire Couchbase Get A Pile Of Dough

    Couchbase, a commercial software entity that develops and provides commercial packages and support for Couchbase Server, an open-source, NoSQL, document-oriented database, received 25 million in new funding this week. “We weren’t planning to raise more money until early 2014,” says Bob Wiederhold, CEO of Couchbase, but a number of VC’s were apparently so impressed by the success of the company’s 2.0 release (delivered last December) that they wanted “in” on the game.

  • 八月 28, 2013
    TechCrunch Couchbase Raises $25M To Further Develop NoSQL Database And Expand Into International Markets

    Like other NoSQL companies, Couchbase has had greater adoption as companies do more strategic evaluations. More enterprise providers are considering Couchbase for mission critical applications. In its latest release, Couchbase added cross data center replication for customers that want to have the database technology available and synced from multiple data center locations. It also added new security features.

  • 八月 28, 2013
    JAXenter A catch-up with Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold on their $25m funding

    "There were two big things that allowed us to achieve the 400% increase. The first was releasing Couchbase 2.0 in December. The release extended the capabilities of our key-value database to be a document database with indexing and querying and also added a cross datacenter replication capability that allowed enterprises with global customers to mirror their databases across multiple datacenters."

  • 八月 28, 2013
    eWeek Couchbase Scores $25 Million for NoSQL Database

    The Couchbase 2.0 release marked a major milestone in the evolution of the NoSQL database. With that release, Couchbase became what is known as a "document value database." As a document value database, developers can store JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) documents in the database that can then be queried. The Couchbase 2.1 release in June added further document value and caching capabilities.

  • 八月 28, 2013
    The Wall Street Journal The Daily Startup: Google Ventures, InCube Back Rani Therapeutics

    NoSQL database developer Couchbase Inc. has raised a $25 million Series D round led by Adams Street Partners and including all current investors.

  • 八月 28, 2013
    Dow Jones - VentureWire Couchbase Stocks $25M as Internet Database Race Heats Up

    Couchbase Inc. has raised another $25 million as the race to establish a new class of database--one that can handle massive volumes of fluctuating data generated by millions of online users--heats up.

  • 八月 28, 2013
    Silicon Valley Business Journal Couchbase raises $25M for open source database tech

    It is part of the NoSQL database crowd that includes MongoDB and Cassandra that has challenged traditional relational database technology that dominated for decades, notably from Oracle. NoSQL advocates say it is more scaleable, performs better and is easier to develop on.

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