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  • 二月 25, 2014
    Information Week IBM Buys Cloudant, Eyes Amazon's Turf
    "If they're going to put a lot of resources behind CouchDB, that's a direct, competitive threat to their relationship with MongoDB," Wiederhold told InformationWeek. "They're buying a very small company that has struggled to keep up, from a NoSQL database technology perspective, with leaders like MongoDB, DataStax, and Couchbase."
  • 二月 25, 2014
    Information Age 'NoSQL is the wave of the future': Bob Wiederhold
    Bob Wiederhold, CEO of open source firm Couchbase, says CIOs should start seeing NoSQL as a technology that will play a 'very strategic' role in their infrastructure.
  • 二月 21, 2014
    Several Nines Viber explains switch from MongoDB to Couchbase
    This growth meant that the old system was not able to keep up. Mr Ish-Shalom explained that while MongoDB performed well when dealing with the tens of thousands of operations per second the firm was initially dealing with, its performance began to drop off as this became hundreds of thousands per second.
  • 二月 21, 2014
    Computing Viber explains why it ditched MongoDB and Redis in favour of Couchbase
    After three years of this breakneck growth Viber started to find that their bespoke Mongo / Redis combination couldn't keep up. While MongoDB was fine for the tens of thousands of operations per second that the firm was undertaking in its earlier days, as the number crept into the hundreds of thousands the performance began to drop off. There was also a scalability problem as the numbers of application servers, each connected to a MongoDB cluster, grew.
  • 二月 20, 2014
    Datanami Seeking High Scalability, Viber Opts for Couchbase
    Ish-Shalom also reflected on Couchbase's easy and transparent sharding and scaling model, which he said the previous solution lacked. He added that "Couchbase was able to provide several times more throughput using less than half the number of nodes.” The innovative cache and database tiering approach were also appealing to Viber.
  • 二月 18, 2014
    Data Center Knowledge Big Data News: Zettaset, Pentaho, Couchbase
    Enterprise NoSQL database provider Couchbase announced the release of Couchbase Server 2.5 Enterprise Edition- featuring capabilities for enterprise-grade performance, with new features such as Rack Awareness for high availability and cross data center (XDCR) data encryption for secure data center replication.
  • 二月 14, 2014
    Dataversity Couchbase Adds New Enterprise Features to Latest NoSQL Release
    Couchbase, the startup behind the open source database of the same name, released a new version of its commercial offering that better addresses the availability requirements of mission-critical workloads. The announcement comes less than six months after the company raised $25 million in Series D funding from Adams Street Partners and existing investors to drive NoSQL into the enterprise.
  • 二月 14, 2014
    Information Management MapR, Predixion, SiSense, Others Release New Products
    Couchbase, a provider of enterprise class NoSQL databases and technologies, released Couchbase Server 2.5 Enterprise Edition. The release includes capabilities for enterprise-grade performance, including new features such as Rack Awareness for high availability and cross data center data encryption for secure data center replication.
  • 二月 13, 2014
    CMS Wire Watch Your Back, MongoDB - Couchbase is Coming After Your Customers
    We don’t usually receive coverage pitches and press releases seeded with digs at competitors (though Larry Ellison does occasionally make them in front of live audiences), so when we interviewed Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold we asked him a pretty blunt question, “Are you saying that you’re going after MongoDB?” He didn’t back off. “I am saying that we’re going after MongoDB’s customers,” he said
  • 二月 13, 2014
    JAX Enter Couchbase: “We’re not afraid of MongoDB”
    Now, having launched a unique ‘JSON everywhere’ mobile proposition, they’re hoping to leapfrog over their competitors into an exploding market, and, just maybe, dethrone that 200 pound MongoDB gorilla along the way.
  • 二月 12, 2014
    Database Trends and Applications Moving NoSQL into the Mission-Critical Space - 5 Questions with Couchbase CEO Bob Wiederhold
    The first phase of the NoSQL industry I think was really characterized by grass roots developer adoption. And then we saw a very significant change at the end of 2012 and up to the present. We have started to see big internet companies and enterprises start to do deep strategic evaluations of NoSQL and then select a product and deploy it under business-critical and mission-critical applications that are already operating at significant scale.
  • 二月 12, 2014
    SiliconANGLE Couchbase updates NoSQL database with new enterprise features
    Couchbase Server 2.5 Enterprise Edition introduces two new features designed to provide more reliability while simplifying administration. The first addition is zone awareness, which ensures data availability if an entire entire rack goes down. The other is a cross-data center replication capability that enables communications between geographically dispersed facilities without requiring a virtual private network.
  • 二月 11, 2014
    ZD Net Big news day for Big Data as Strata conference kicks off
    In its marketing and press releases, Couchbase seems to be gunning for MongoDB in the Enterprise NoSQL space (however big it may be). Expect the rigor of both products to increase as that competition gains momentum.
  • 一月 14, 2014
    TechNewsWorld NoSQL, Part 2: Grappling With Big Data
    Global travel and tourism industry player Amadeus is running a pilot using Couchbase as "a very efficient key-value store," Dietmar Fauser, its vice president of Architecture, Quality & Governance divisions for Research and Development, told TechNewsWorld.
  • 一月 9, 2014
    InfoWorld 9 technologies for a supercharged 2014
    Document databases have been around for decades, and IT knew one as Lotus Domino's Notes Storage Facility, but the NoSQL and big data revolution has sparked new interest. MongoDB and Couchbase are the leaders.
  • 一月 7, 2014
    TechNewsWorld NoSQL, Part 1: Coming of Age
    Amadeus is a good example -- it will deploy Couchbase's NoSQL technology to manage its 45 billion daily database accesses, with the goal of enabling users to obtain accurate real-time travel fare information.
  • 十二月 31, 2013
    CIO Review 'Mobile First': Massive Innovation at the Hardware and Application Level
    Developers need to be able to exploit this potential with next-generation, data intensive apps powered by next-generation mobile databases where sync is the norm. JSON has become a standard for mobile application development. In 2014, we see a trend to “JSON Anywhere” – JSON on the device, JSON on the wire and JSON in the database.
  • 十二月 30, 2013
    C3 Metrics Couchbase Developer Day

    Don’t miss the Couchbase Israel Developer Day and learn more about NoSQL technology from experts who will be lining up to share their know-how on using Cloudbase for applications like Ybrant Digital, Viber and LivePerson.

  • 十二月 27, 2013
    InfoWorld Scaling and querying large NoSQL databases

    In a scale-out architecture, associated with NoSQL databases, a distributed set of nodes known as a cluster is used as the basic architecture. It provides highly elastic scaling capability, enabling you to add nodes to handle load on the fly. This is the opposite of a scale-up architecture associated with the RDBMs, which adds more resources to a single, larger machine.

  • 十二月 2, 2013
    Database Trends and Applications Trend-Setting Products in Data for 2014

    On the following web pages is DBTA’s list of Trend-Setting Products for 2014. These products, platforms, and services range from widely accepted offerings that continue to evolve to meet the needs of their loyal following to breakthrough technologies that have just released and are in the early stages of adoption. However, they all seek to arm organizations with tools to address rapidly changing market requirements and represent a commitment to innovation.

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