Class OldPaginator

  extended by net.spy.memcached.compat.SpyObject
      extended by com.couchbase.client.protocol.views.OldPaginator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class OldPaginator
extends net.spy.memcached.compat.SpyObject
implements java.util.Iterator<ViewResponse>

The OldPaginator allows easy pagination over a ViewResult. It is recommended not to instantiate this object directly, but to obtain a reference through the CouchbaseClient object like this: View view = client.getView("design_doc", "viewname"); Query query = new Query(); int docsPerPage = 15; OldPaginator paginator = client.paginatedQuery(view, query, docsPerPage);

Constructor Summary
OldPaginator(CouchbaseClient client, View view, Query query, int numDocs)
          Create a new OldPaginator.
Method Summary
 boolean hasNext()
          Check if there is still a ViewResult left to fetch.
 ViewResponse next()
          Returns the next ViewResult object to iterate over.
 void remove()
          Remove is not supported while iterating over a ViewResult.
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Constructor Detail


public OldPaginator(CouchbaseClient client,
                    View view,
                    Query query,
                    int numDocs)
Create a new OldPaginator.

client - the CouchbaseClient object to run the queries on.
view - the instance of the View to run the Queries against.
query - the instance of the Query object for the params.
numDocs - the number of the documents to return per page (must be greater than zero).
Method Detail


public boolean hasNext()
Check if there is still a ViewResult left to fetch.

Specified by:
hasNext in interface java.util.Iterator<ViewResponse>
true or false whether there is a ViewResult set to return or not.


public ViewResponse next()
Returns the next ViewResult object to iterate over.

Specified by:
next in interface java.util.Iterator<ViewResponse>
the next ViewResult page.


public void remove()
Remove is not supported while iterating over a ViewResult.

Specified by:
remove in interface java.util.Iterator<ViewResponse>

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